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The Digital Theatre Initiative

Updated: Nov 10, 2022

Coming out of our bid to the Digital Theatre Initiative, we are pleased to welcome Video Editor Danny Jeffs to the team. Danny joins us keen to help increase exposure for our work via YouTube.

Our 'taking our Theatre out of the Theatre' strategy seeks answers to the questions 'What is Theatre' and 'What works well on stage, what works better on screen'; to answer this we also need to ask 'What is online Theatre,' Already we are exploring Theatre made via Zoom, adding the dimension of video to our audio approach, and what we are finding is an extra layer of creative inspiration and challenge working with moving images.

The outcome of our bid to The Digital Theatre Initiative, supported by YouTube, won't be known for some weeks, but in the meantime we are putting our King Lear (alone) through its paces. The work starts with the original stage script being turned into a filming script, and along with that comes a whole new opportunity for us re-interpret the conventions of stage Theatre into the language of visuals.

From Stage to Screen, and back . . .

Watch this space...theAlternativeSpace

out of nothing . . . something comes

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