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Our Friends and Supporters

Along our journey so far, we've been extremely fortunate to have worked with many talented people who have helped to make the unthinkable doable! 


They have given their skills, time and artistic support to develop our work and make it available. Without our supporters and friends, we could not do what we do, for they are the key to creating and sharing our work. 


Ultimately they are why we do what we do.

We’re grateful for them sharing this journey with us.


Marcus Fernando ¦ Steve Kukla ¦ Alex Nikitas 


​David Vann ¦ Marcus Fernando ¦ Arnaud Mugglestone 

Victoria Grainger ¦ Tina Hofman ¦ Lauren McCarron


Bob Hutchinson ¦ Arnaud Mugglestone ¦ Mark Webster

Music Composers

Chameleon Music Napua Davoy

Podcast/Film Makers

Vicky Holding ¦ Danny Jeffs

​Graphic Artists/Photographers

Marcus Fernando ¦ ​John Hough

Actors & Production Artists

We cast for each production, alas there just too many to mention here by name.

See our Play  

It has been a privilege to work alongside a wide range of talented and diverse people, many of whom have worked on more than just one of our productions.

Creative Associates

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