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New Theatre for the 21st Century!


So many things ​have changed since the start of this millennium, and the arrival of Covid 2 years ago only seemed to accelerate that change in Theatre. Our alternative approach to this new Theatre is to go back to basics, to stripped-back theatre, to workshops and collaborative performances.

In the first instance, we seek to better understand what makes for good ​Theatre, and then re-apply that learning in totally fresh circumstances, leading us to re-examine many aspects of how plays are created.

We’ve created and performed new plays drawing on existing influences – Greek myths, Americana, English mysteries, and looked at new ways of creating theatre, like performances with script in hand, performed stage audio pieces and community plays devised and researched by the company themselves.


Our pieces have been performed in a variety of "alternative" theatre spaces, such as Community Theatre, in Fringe Festivals, Churches, bookshops, pubs, and institutes. 


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