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All our alternative work ultimately points here, collectively trying to make a greater sense of what it is to be alive here on this planet, by working as part of the continuum of handed down knowledge, self-development, and awareness. 

AlternativeResearch & Learning


  • Understanding what, how, and why Shakespeare achieved what he did, and also what his work has directly or indirectly inspired since his death

  • Learning as much as possible about the human condition by seeing Shakespeare’s plays and poems not just as great works of literature but, more importantly, as phenomenal repositories of knowledge, insights, and guides to the human condition

  • Applying a series of 'what if' questions to everything we come across, in order to get under some of our perceived truths

  • Sharing our research and discoveries 

  • Working collaboratively with other individuals and organisations that share, and can contribute to, the ideals and objectives of our alternative work.


Learning, leading to understanding, is the most important phase of our development process:

"Our research has much to offer, not just in adding to the pool of knowledge of Shakespeare and his works but, more importantly, to our understanding of the real contribution he has, and still is, making to our understanding of who we are."

In keeping with our alternative approach to everything we do, our approach to Shakespeare through AlternativeLearning is based around;

  • Understanding traditional education methods and approaches, and then accepting, adapting or rejecting them to meet our own learning aspirations

  • Placing the focus and emphasis on everyone in the self-learning process, rather than simply being educated

  • Accepting that there are many ways of self-learning - sometimes it can best be done by the person themselves, other times an assisted approach works better

  • Working towards our ultimate goal which is to help each one of us better understand and then develop both ourselves and the world around us


The overall aim of this work is to ask one question;  what can we understand, and learn from, Shakespeare's Work, Life, and Afterlife, that will help us better live our own lives? A big question. 

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