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For us, William Shakespeare was the greatest writer of all time, and his gifts to us are many. 


But for too long (well, for over 400 years), we believe we have all failed to really 'get' the potential of the legacy Shakespeare left us. We think there is much more to him than is immediately obvious from the legacy of his plays and poems.


It is because we hold Shakespeare in such respect that we have created alternativeShakespeare.


Now, this isn’t about finding new ways of performing his existing plays or putting them into new settings – we believe a totally new approach is needed. For us, that approach is alternativeShakespeare.


Over the last 20 years, this approach has produced a new body of work, inspired directly and indirectly by both the life and writings of William Shakespeare. We reignite Shakespeare’s legacy by creating fresh plays that stay faithful to his themes and words, yet at the same time challenge our preconceptions of his work.


In doing so, we believe Shakespeare’s work can be kept fresh and relevant for audiences throughout the world, for all time.


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