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We're back-and it feels good!

Updated: Nov 10, 2022

Romeo & Juliet: The Confessions has completed its Buxton & Birmingham Festival performances...

It feels good to be back... despite all the hard work and setbacks! Having to find a replacement Juliet at short notice for Buxton (lovely work from Natalie Lewis), our other Juliet having to perform despite suffering from a dislocated knee (strong impassioned performances nevertheless by Vicky Holding), rehearsals made even more difficult by an Actor having to self-isolate, our director Marcus Fernando having to conduct rehearsals from Croatia via Zoom, and the 'company' car garaged on the morning of the Buxton opening . . . who'd be a producer!

Very strong performances from the Actors ensured audiences and reviewers went away pleased with what they saw and heard, as confirmed by the reviews and feedback in our 3 after-show Q & As.

On a personal note, the whole experience was both amazing and extremely satisfying. And the play stood the test, acquiting itself very well. Relief!

Yes, we're back, back to creating new Theatre work.

...onwards, on to the next stage!

out of nothing . . . something comes

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