It feels good to be back...

Updated: May 15, 2021

Buxton & Birmingham dates in July now confirmed!

It feels good to be back... The Theatres have been dark for quite a while but in that time mercifully the light of Theatre never went out. Our job is to now make that light grow strong again, nourish the flicker back to a flame.

Yes, we're back to creating work for the stage. Now starts the work (and the fun!) of getting our latest work written, rehearsed, and performed. Romeo & Juliet: The Confessions, after many months of Zoom workshops, is now moving into the writing stage; already key ideas and concepts are beginning to emerge . . . just got to get them to become a play, that's all. Of course everything's under control!

And yes, we're back to 2 Theatre festivals that we've always loved being part of. Just like going back to see old friends. These Festivals, the very first ones we took part in, are where we presented our Romeo & Juliet for all Time, which won 2 awards, so we have particularly happy memories of that time. Our most recent Theatre festival appearance was for Birmingham Fest in 2018, when we presented 2 new plays, An Audience with Sir John Falstaff and Cordelia/Fool (which won an award for Best Adaptation).

As ever, we'll keep you up to date as things start to happen.

...let the good times roll!

out of nothing . . . something comes

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