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Updated: Mar 25

Our work is about creating new Theatre works in all its forms - stage, print, audio, videos, and podcasts. This month we have kicked off two new pieces in our MAD series - Mini Audio Drama works . . .

Lady Macbeth - Hell is murky . . .

It's started - our first solo Lady Macbeth workshop. We chose, in the time-honoured tradition, to start at Lady Macbeth's exit from Shakespeare's play - her sleep-walking scene.

Lady Macbeth is a deeply-disturbed lady - seemingly her past has caught up with her, we watch and listen as she relives and retells her troubles and fears. A small scene, but a dramatic one nevertheless, that makes her exit; we never see her again. Not long after in the Shakespeare play all we are told is that she is dead. But what actually happened to her inbetween times. . . . ?

I, Nurse - Juliet's real mother

All Shakespeare lovers know of Nurse - that bumbling motormouth who cares deeply for her Jules, who inadvertently careers through the play helping the lovers to find their love - and their death.

As with most of Shakespeare's characters, minor or major, there is a back-story. Our process is to discover what went on under the mask of clown that is Nurse . . . and what that can add to the story of Romeo & Juliet.

New work from old

Watch this space...theAlternativeSpace

out of nothing . . . something comes

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