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Updated: Mar 25

The bed-core of our work for the last 10 years has been creating collaborative stage theatre from working with a group of dedicated theatre-makers. That same drive has now found its home in the world of Zoom . . .

Shakespeare's Dream Chorus Workshops

March 2021 has seen the first MMAD workshops - workshops creating Micro Mini Audio Drama. 8 theatre-makers, scenes from of our first performed play Shakespeare's Dream, and the wonder that is Zoom, all have come together to produce material for our AlternativeTheatre/AlternativeShakespeare podcasts.

Taking part in these kick-off workshops has been a revelation - an open, relaxed space, energetic, reflective enthusiasm, genuine insights and talents, polished performances . .. all came together.

From Stage to New Work

Watch this space...theAlternativeSpace

out of nothing . . . something comes

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