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Keeping Shakespeare Alive, Not Dead

Our Crowdfunder campaign - 

"Keeping Shakespeare Alive, Not Dead"

We're deliberately launching our campaign on April 23rd to help celebrate Shakespeare's Birthday - but not Shakespeare's Deathday (which traditionally also happens to fall on the same day).


Our work, as you will see below, is all about keeping Shakespeare alive - not dead!

Our Book - 

"AlternativeShakespeare: Keeping Shakespeare Alive, Not Dead"

So many people who have loved what we do have asked us when we will be publishing a book that tells our story. Well, the answer!


This is what the book will explore and share:

  • a totally new, alternative, approach is needed if we are to keep Shakespeare truly alive; it will not take long for the relevance of his work as he wrote it to considerably diminish. 

  • our deep-held contention that to carry on just performing Shakespeare in the same form it was written is to do a great disservice to his work:

  • just performing the original plays by continuing to just set them in different times/places, twisting the material to fit our contemporary issues and themes, and 'messing around' with his words generally, has the effect of mummifying them as museum pieces.

  • when we use Shakespeare to create AlternativeShakespeare, we realise there is so much in what he created that has been ignored over the last 400 years.

  • just as important as keeping his works alive is to keep alive the processes that brought them into existence in the first place.

  • examples of our plays and the work we do will be included, to support our contentions and to give readers a base of knowledge and truth.

  • the book will hopefully inspire others to take on board our experiences to create their own works based on Shakespeare.

  • ultimately our work is about helping everyone to be able to have direct access to Shakespeare's legacy - Teachers, Academics, Theatre Practitioners all have their values, but we believe it's so much better if we can all connect with his words without having to necessarily go through 3rd parties.

  • Above all, the book aims to be a battle cry for existing and future Theatre makers, researchers, funders, and lovers of Shakespeare to shift their minds to other ways of approaching Shakespeare.

Support Our Book

We need you

Simply by donating you can make this happen. This project is not just about helping to create a new way of approaching Theatre - Shakespeare is a key cornerstone of our understanding ourselves as human beings. 

Revitalising his work has tremendous knock-ons to Humanities subjects such as Psychology, Philosophy. History, Language arts (literature, writing, oratory, rhetoric, poetry, etc.), Performing arts (theatre, music, dance, etc.), and visual arts.

The target we have set is relatively modest, designed just to cover the direct costs associated with initially getting the book out there: Editor services, fees, social media advertising campaign etc. 

We've been doing this work for over 20 years and intend to carry on doing it for years to come - any extra donations will be set aside to cover future the costs of promoting more of our work, so please do consider giving as generously as you can. 

Together we can keep Shakespeare's legacy a truly living legacy!!

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