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Sharing. Creating. Inspiring.

We like to think of The Alternative Space as somewhere for people to

explore alternative ways of thinking, doing, and being,

Here people are free to engage with one particular alternative way of going about things, centred around the work of Theatre Producer Frank Bramwell.

We hope your curiosity about our work helps bring about a new perspective on

the world about us, in a way that is both satisfying and exciting.


producing our virtual work

The Alternative Space Company (TASCO) exists to produce our work,

both existing and new, in the digital world:

Frank Bramwell  - Writing, Directing, Producing

Vicky Holding - Podcasts 

Danny Jeffs - Videos

To see reviews and feedback of all our performed plays, click here


The Alternative Space Company (TASCO) exists to produce our work,

both existing and new, in the digital world:


Our efforts are directed to re-energising Shakespeare, by being alternative.

We do this first by looking at his life, his works . . . and everything

that has happened since his death.

Then we look through the lens of his characters,

as adapted in the works of Frank Bramwell:

Romeo & Juliet 

Romeo & Juliet for all Time  (2004 & 2012)

Romeo & Juliet-Juliet's Tale  (in development)

Romeo & Juliet-The Nurse's Tale  (in development)

Romeo & Juliet-The Friar's Tale  (in development)


Macbeth Killing Time  (2005)

Macbeth-Lady Macbeth's Tale  (in development)

The Tempest

Tempest fugit : Prospero's Will  (2006)

The Tempest-Prospero's Tale  (in development)


Ophelia, Princess of Denmark  (2012)

Hamlet-Gertrude's Tale  (in development)

King Lear 

King Lear (alone)  (2012)

Cordelia/Fool  (2018)

Henry IV part 1

An Audience with Sir John Falstaff  (2018)

Shakespeare the Man

Shakespeare's Dream  (2003)

Time Out of Joint   (2008)

Shakespeare's Thoughts  (in development)


Over the last 20 years, in addition to our AlternativeShakespeare plays,  

we have created & performed 17 other plays.

Kicking Off


One Christmas Eve

Love Hurts

The Accidental Lives of Memories

Three Women

Shooting Clouds

I Love You Goodbye

The Nativity 2015

Orpheus in Blue

The Other Side

Best of Three


A Quarter Full

NTI Workshops 

Our Park

Our Christmas

In doing so, we have relished opportunities to explore  alternative ways of

producing our work; for further details of all our stage work, click here.


In addition to the physical world of the stage,

we are now embracing the digital world:


Our existing and in-development play workshops captured

for broadcast in our fortnightly podcasts.


A world of immersive Theatre ready for the world of videos,

a world set in this world, yet not of this world

Audio Books

Our plays published as play scripts as they come out of the workshops,

first on Amazon, and then on Audible as Audio Books,  

Audio Plays

As finances and time permit, we will stream our 

plays as stand-alone audio pieces.

Our Backers

helping to make the unthinkable doable

Without our backers, we could not do what

we do, for they are vital for sharing

our work with the wide world.

More than that, ultimately they are why we do what we do.



Engaging with us through social media.

Listening to our podcast sessions​.

Subscribing to our Blog posts.

Supporting us via Patreon.

Buying our products.


Inspiring new works and new ways of working.

Working with us to achieve our shared aims.

Spreading the word through our networks.
Helping us by helping each other.


Providing financial support to enable our audio plays to take place.

Sharing our journey by responding to our Crowdfunding appeals.
Being there for us as our supporters and our friends.


theatre with a beat!

All our stage work comes under theAlternativeTheatrecompany banner.

If you would like to see more details, please click here.

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