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AlternativePhilosophy and AlternativePsychology coming soon...


Maybe as we all do, for some time we have been looking at the world around us,

wondering if this is really all it could be.

We now believe that when the right questions are asked, and the right actions are taken,

an enormous amount is possible.​ Here we share our journey and processes,

and the outcomes coming out of them.

All of our work at The Alternative Space is driven by our desire to Be Alternative.

What is BeingAlternative?


Questions, actions, possibilities

"Looking at the world around us and wondering if this is really all it could be - creating something new on our journey."

BeingAlternative is a turn of mind, an attitude of forever questioning and thinking differently, a refusal to accept hand-me-down ways of understanding and being.


It’s about looking at everything we do in an alternative way.

 It’s something where heart, mind, and soul come together. Finally.

We look at everything we do in an alternative way. We believe in being alternative, allowing us to fundamentally shift our perspective, to focus on what might be and not just what is, what has always been.


Nothing is sacred, nothing is absolute; it is merely one of many many alternatives.

It is our responsibility to make the right decisions, take the necessary actions. Nobody else’s.


Over the years, the growing disenchantment with the world around us is now a swell. Some may say the world has gone to hell in a handcart.


We believe a totally new, radical, alternative approach is needed. That’s what BeingAlternative is about.

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