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Welcome to AlternativeMindWorlds!

Maybe as we all do, for some time we have been looking at the world around us, wondering if this is really all it could be.

We now believe that when the right questions are asked, and the right actions are taken, an enormous amount is possible.​ Here we share our journey and processes, and the outcomes coming out of them.




Literature can mean many things to a lot of people -  entertainment, playing with language, a comfort, sharing/communicating - and have many different forms - prose, poetry, plays, lyrics etc. 


​But there is also another point of view, one that we subscribe to, that isn't necessarily clear to a lot of Literature lovers - Literature as a science, a source of truth, a repository of universal knowledge, a way of discovering what it means to be alive, to be human.

In the same vein as our other alternative approaches, we take an established body of work and seek to appreciate it better through analysis, testing, and understanding. From that comes a new collection of written pieces, more relevant to our time and stage of development, whilst staying true to the impulse of the original piece of Literature.


  • Works inspired by photographs and videos

  • Works inspired by T.S.Eliot's poems

  • Personal poems

Classic Stories​

  • Works inspired by an assortment of classic writers

  • Works inspired by Franz Kafka's writing

AlternativePhilosophy and AlternativePsychology coming soon...

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