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New ways of understanding ourselves

Our take on learning is not, as you might imagine, about the act of educating people through imparting knowledge and training.

The Latin word 'educere' means 'to lead out', 'to draw out'',  'to bring from'.


Each of us has our own innate understanding of ourselves and the world around us. However, this understanding needs to be properly cared for, given scope to develop. It needs first to be located, accessed, and then developed.

In AlternativeTheatre, we have one of the most powerful forms of Learning. In AlternativeShakespeare, we have a Theatre that is incredibly potent. In AlternativeBeing, we have a new way of approaching the future.

AlternativeUnderstanding uses these to better understand ourselves and the world around us; It does so through the power and universality of creating and telling stories.


Our AlternativeUnderstanding Experience is Locating, Accessing and Developing the multi-pronged knowledge within us.

How we develop AlternativeUnderstanding

  • Asking questions, even when there are no apparent answers

  • Re-developing ourselves, by ourselves, through ourselves

  • Re-energising existing plays/books/poems/lyrics

  • Scraping off the outer crust of our literary heritage

  • Focusing on ourselves and the world around us

  • Not unreservedly accepting what we are told

  • Working together in a caring, sharing way

  • Theatre workshops and techniques

  • Reading & understanding Plays

  • Creating exciting theatre and new Stories

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