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Welcome to theAlternativeSpace

Our Vision

The Alternative Space exists to help people enrich their own lives through the self-understanding that comes out of our work.

The Alternative Space is somewhere for people to explore alternative ways of thinking, doing, and being.

We believe in the power of Alternatives. To look around at what is currently accepted, try to understand what it's all about, and then explore plausible alternatives. That's what we do. ​


And the best way of discovering what alternatives there could be is to re-imagine the something that now is as...nothing.​ From out of nothingness, something comes...


The alternativeSpace is a not-for-profit Research and Learning Community Interest Company based in the West Midlands since 2001. TAS brings together the Research & Learning findings of our 4 workstream Spaces, in addition to front-ending their work and outputs.

We welcome you to engage with our particular alternative way of going about things...



As we go forward, we have so many projects that we need/want to make happen.

Your support can be as little as the price of a cup of coffee - we really appreciate all help given.

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