Welcome to The Alternative Space

Our Vision Statement

The Alternative Space exists to help people enrich their own 

lives through the self-understanding coming out of our

alternative Shakespeare ¦ Education ¦ Theatre work.

About What We do...& How We Do it

We like to think of The Alternative Space as somewhere for people to

explore alternative ways of thinking, doing, and being,

Here people are free to engage with our particular alternative way of going about things, centred around our Shakespeare, Education, and Theatre work.

We hope your curiosity about our work will help enrich your perspective on

the world about us, in a way that is both satisfying and exciting.

To find out more, please click here

to help enrich everyone's understanding of ourselves...

Alternative Spaces - out of nothing comes something

Here you can find things that might be of interest to you; 

observations, thoughts, questions, ramblings etc.

. . . for which we have three Alternative Spaces:

AlternativeShakespeare - splicing dicing Shakespeare

Where we splice and dice the works of William Shakespeare and in doing so

create new pieces that re-energise his themes, words, and

characters from an alternative point of view.

AlternativeEducation - caring sharing Education

Self-knowledge generated through being part of our voyage of discovery through

AlternativeShakespeare & AlternativeTheatre,

AlternativeTheatre - challenging stimulating Theatre

Our focus on Shakespeare helps us define our unique take on Theatre;

for us, Theatre is more than just entertainment, primarily it  

exists to help us better understand ourselves.  

for your entertainment


It's coming, arriving in the summer of 2021!


Soon to be!


A series of written and spoken books, for sale on Amazon and on this website (see below).



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audio plays





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