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Welcome, thanks for popping in...

Please check out these pages to see if there's
anything that might be of interest. 

Here you'll find out about the alternative
work we have been doing since 2001.

Our efforts are around 4 themes:
Shakespeare ¦ Being ¦ Theatre ¦ Literature

Along the way, we've been extremely fortunate to have worked
with many, many people who have given their skills and time unstintingly, nearly always for little
or no financial benefit.

Taking risks, pushing back boundaries, and reaching deep into ourselves,
we will carry on until our work is complete.

Please click here if you'd like to support us; it can be as little as £5,
the price of a cup of coffee. As we go forward, we have so many
projects that we need/want to make happen.

We really appreciate your help and support.

Our Vision Statement

The Alternative Space exists to help people enrich their own 

lives through the self-understanding coming out of our

alternative Shakespeare ¦ Being ¦ Theatre work.

About What We do...& How We Do it

We like to think of The Alternative Space as somewhere for people to

explore alternative ways of thinking, doing, and being,

Here, people are free to engage with our particular alternative way of going about things, centred around our Shakespeare, Being, Theatre, and  Literature work.

We hope your curiosity about our work will help enrich your perspective on

the world about us, in a way that is both satisfying and exciting.

To find out more, please click here

About What We do...& How We Do it

Question: What is BeingAlternative?


BeingAlternative is a turn of mind, an attitude of forever questioning/thinking,

a refusal to accept hand-me-down ways of understanding & being.


It’s about looking at everything we do in an alternative way.


It’s something where heart, mind, and soul come together.





Nothing is sacred, nothing is absolute; until it has been put through the relative mill that is being Alternative, it is merely one of many many alternatives. And it is our responsibility

to make the right decisions, and take the necessary actions. Nobody else’s.


We look at everything we do in an alternative way. We believe in being alternative,

allowing us to fundamentally shift our perspective, to focus on what

might be and not what is, what has always been.



Over the years, our growing disenchantment with the world around us is now a swell.


To put it in a nutshell, the world has gone to Hell in a handcart.


We believe a totally new, radical, alternative approach is needed.



All this is what BeingAlternative is about.

to help enrich everyone's understanding of ourselves...

In these four Spaces you can find things that might interest you; 

observations, thoughts, questions, ramblings etc.

AlternativePublishing - sharing promoting all things Alternative

Details of our created outputs - books, videos, podcasts -

are now available.


AlternativeShakespeare - splicing dicing Shakespeare

Where we splice and dice the works of William Shakespeare and in doing so

create new pieces that re-energise his themes, words, and

characters from an alternative point of view.

AlternativeUnderstanding- caring sharing Learning

Self-knowledge generated through being part of our voyage of discovery through

AlternativeShakespeare & AlternativeTheatre,

AlternativeTheatre - challenging stimulating Theatre

Our focus on Shakespeare helps us define our unique take on Theatre;

for us, Theatre is more than just entertainment, primarily it  

exists to help us better understand ourselves.  



Amazon & Website

books, playscripts, podbooks

Audible & Website

audiobooks, audio plays


podcasts, videos, blog

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