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Zoom Shakespeare Workshops Course: Unseaming Macbeth


For 2 hours every Monday over 6 weeks, we will read, discuss, and workshop selected scenes, speeches, and lines taken from the underbelly of Shakespeare's play. In these sessions, we seek to analyse how Shakespeare's craft, his ethos, and his intentions all combine to create his masterpieces.


Our unique approach centres on understanding how Shakespeare's legacy can help us develop through sharing and active self-learning. We do so collaboratively, with everyone in the group taking turns in reading the lines.


The course is open to anyone who wishes to develop their understanding of the magic and power of Shakespeare, Creative Writing, and Theatre through self-learning. No prior knowledge of the play is required.


Workshop Course Details

Every Monday at 7.00 pm GMT for 6 weeks, starting 18th March. Places are limited to 7 participants.


The course of 6 Zoom sessions costs £42.00, with full refunds if notified 3 days before the start of the course.


Scripts will be supplied, and there is no specific requirement for materials or time commitment outside of the sessions.


Frank Bramwell will lead these sessions; he has facilitated numerous Shakespeare & Theatre workshops since 2015, both online and in person.


For more details about the course, please email Frank:

Zoom Shakespeare Workshops Course: Unseaming Macbeth

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