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Not Stopping...

Updated: Nov 10, 2022

Not stopping - a good thing? Or not? We've all had our fair share of dashing, of always trying to catch up, of never seemingly getting there. Much as we might resent the pressures, nevertheless it is a fact some of our best times, and work, come out of this.

From stage, to books, to podcasts, to...

We're still very much full-on getting our podcast channel up and running, the work seems to be growing exponentially. In the middle of all this comes videos . . . first instinct wow is this possible . . . second one is hold hard, park it, it can't happen . . . and then, here we are, submitting a bid for The Digital Theatre Initiative, supported by YouTube.

Not Stopping, just pressing on

Watch this space...theAlternativeSpace

out of nothing . . . something comes

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