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All about the Alternative work we promote and how it's created


About Us

Sharing. Creating. Inspiring.

We like to think of The Alternative Space as somewhere for people to

explore alternative ways of thinking, doing, and being,

Here people are free to engage with alternative ways of going about things,

centred around our Alternative work in Shakespeare, Theatre, and Being.

We hope your curiosity about our work helps bring about a new perspective on

the world about us, in a way that is both satisfying and exciting.


We believe in the power of Alternatives. Look around at what is currently accepted, try

to understand what it's all about, and then explore plausible alternatives.


That's what we do. 

And the best way of discovering what alternatives there could be

is to re-imagine the something that now is as . . . nothing.

From out of the space of nothingness,

then comes ...

Actors on stage

Our Ethos

Sharing. Creating. Inspiring. 

Many creatives and thinkers have inspired our creative work; it would be lovely for

us to inspire others too. On this website, we share what makes us tick,

how we go about things, and what we want to achieve.

When creating our work, a transformation takes place, both in it and to ourselves.

The energy of this change informs everything that happens.

We hope that sharing the insights we've gained over the last

20 years will help inspire the work of others.



It's a 2 way street!

Why sharing makes us tick

For us, sharing is the bedrock of being creative and everything we do,

as something is given, so it develops and grows.


How we share

We do this by taking and giving in equal measure over a period of time,

never expecting a return but grateful when it happens.

What we want to achieve

We want to continue working collaboratively, building links

with people who share a similar outlook and purpose.



Decreating, recreating, creating!

Why creating makes us tick

Decreating, recreating, and creating, each presents us with unique challenges

and rewards. They're also a damn good way of having fun!

How we go about creating

We start by taking something apart, focusing on the best of what works,

and then creating new pieces, with some of our own bits added.

What we want to achieve

We aim to create works (podcasts, published books, audiobooks,

stage plays, downloads etc.) that encourage people to discover

their own thoughts, feelings, and insights.



Let's light up the sky!

Why inspiring makes us tick

The joy of discovery, learning, and creating, inspires and energises

us in everything we set out to do.


How we inspire

We do this by documenting, and then making available, our creative processes, 

outputs, and insights, to act as examples for others who might be interested.

What we want to achieve

To continue inspiring and being inspired; wouldn't it be lovely if we all

only did things that truly inspired us . . . maybe one day!

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