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The latest play in our AlternativeShakespeare

The lovers are facing their deaths, with little time to tell their real story.

A retelling of the Shakespeare's play Antony & Cleopatra,

in their last meeting together, using the words of

Shakespeare/Bramwell . . . and your imagination.

Join us for this fascinating re-examination, as the play asks, was their love

for each other really one of the greatest love stories ever told . . .


An insightful, startling, and moving piece of AlternativeShakespeare writing,

presented by multi-award winners AlternativeTheatre.

For more details about AlternativeTheatre please visit or


Contact Frank Bramwell

The book of the available on Amazon

click here to buy your copy!

A night in the life of William Shakespeare, in which characters from his real life and from his plays meet.

A unique insight into the workings of Shakespeare's mind, one that tantalizes, fascinates

and intrigues in equal measures.

Imagine entering not just someone else’s dream, but the dream of one of the most active and

engaging imaginations of all time. Imagine you are there, sharing Shakespeare’s

feelings and thoughts, his anguish and hopes, his delight and wonder.

A troubled Shakespeare has a most disturbing dream. He is under pressure, his next opening

night is but days away, and he has yet to finish the script. He’s having problems

with his family in Stratford. And he’s also under suspicion of treason . . .

He retires to bed, to sleep, perchance to… Agitated, and struggling to reconcile life’s demands

with artistic desires, an everyday Will is haunted by his yet-to-be born creations,

metamorphosing where time and mortality have no boundaries.


A fascinating insight into the workings and inspirations of the mind of a genius.


A rare opportunity to spend a night with William Shakespeare and to treat yourself

to one of the most extraordinary books on Shakespeare ever published.

"It is quite the most extraordinary and puzzling story I have read for some time. The writer

handles the material with great flair and although at times it is confusing, it achieves

a considerable impact through the cumulative resonance

of each scene and image. This is a genuinely

imaginative and intelligently written piece.”

Manchester Royal Exchange Theatre Literary Manager

“Overall Time After Time is a superb, delightful production... It's an ambitious offering that gives

you an  insight into William Shakespeare's background which will appeal even

to theatregoers who are not Bard worshippers.” British Theatre Guide

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