About Us

Sharing. Creating. Inspiring.

We like to think of The Alternative Space as somewhere for people to

explore alternative ways of thinking, doing, and being,

Here people are free to engage with one particular alternative way of going about things, centred around the work of Theatre Producer Frank Bramwell.

We hope your curiosity about our work helps bring about a new perspective on

the world about us, in a way that is both satisfying and exciting.


theatre with a beat!

Alternative Theatre exists to produce our work, both existing and new,

for stage and in the digital world:

Frank Bramwell  - Writing, Directing, Producing

Vicky Holding - Podcasts 

Danny Jeffs - Videos


All our stage work comes under the AlternativeTheatre banner: 

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Our efforts are directed to re-energising Shakespeare, by being alternative.

We do this first by looking at his life, his works . . . and everything

that has happened since his death.

Then we look through the lens of his characters,

as adapted in the works of Frank Bramwell.


On the back of all the experiences we've gleaned to date, we are excited to announce

the creation of a new Theatre project, one that brings Shakespeare's acting

company back to life! A fanciful notion yes, but we believe that, in Theatre,

fanciful is more often than not where the best

things start - in the imagination.

This is what we're going to do:

Bring together a permanent acting company to help recreate new

Shakespeare plays out of old Shakespeare plays.

Follow the acting practice, as best we can, that might have

existed in Shakespeare's Theatre.

Work together to understand how Shakespeare

worked collaboratively with his actors 


Take the existing Shakespeare plays and apply the Alternative Theatre methods.

Isolate his characters, themes, speeches, lines, scenes

etc from their original setting​.

Workshop the text in Zoom sessions to discover how it works

and comes to theatrical life.

Bring our own experiences of the world

to enrich our creative process.

Create new plays for stage performances, books,

audio pieces, videos etc.

Provide material for our AlternativeShakespeare

podcasts (launching this year)​.​