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Our Friends & Supporters

helping to make the unthinkable doable

Providing financial & artistic support to develop our

work and to make it available.

Without our supporters and friends, we could not do

what we do, for they are key to creating and

sharing our work.

More than that, ultimately they are why we do what we do:

Sharing our journey, being part of the experience

Responding to our Crowdfunding appeals

Being there for us

Crowdfunder Appeal!!

Help Get Our Latest Play
Onto the Stage!

Romeo & Juliet-The Confessions 01

Please click here to make a pledge to help us get our latest play onto stage and into film!!

Please click here to see the video.

Crowdfunder is our current fundraising platform, others may well follow; 

we are always exploring ways everyone can be part of our work.

You can also show your support for our work by

clicking here to buy us a Coffee. Thank you!


Making what we do possible

Our Creative Collaborators
Sharing & Creating

It has been a privilege to work alongside a wide range of talented and diverse people, many of who have worked on more

than just one of our productions.


Pam Freeman ¦ Marcus Fernando ¦ Steve Kukla ¦ Alex Nikitas 


​David Vann ¦ Marcus Fernando ¦ Arnaud Mugglestone 

Victoria Grainger ¦ Tina Hofman ¦ Lauren McCarron


Bob Hutchinson ¦ Arnaud Mugglestone ¦ Mark Webster

Music Composers

Chameleon Music ¦ Napua Davoy

Podcast/Film Makers

Vicky Holding ¦ Danny Jeffs

Graphic Artists/Photographers

Marcus Fernando ¦ ​John Hough

Actors & Production Artists

We cast for each production, alas there too

many to mention here by name. 


Supporting the Company

Partners who share our vision
Behind Us All The Way

Joe Melita

Suzanne Regan

Ahmed Mesa


Enabling Our Productions

Making Our Work Possible
Backers excited by our work 

Karla Wiseman

Network Associates

Rosabelle Ltd

Greenacre Lawn Services

Wordup Design


Helping Us Along the Way

Just Wanting To Help

Being Part of Something

Ceri Steinhardt

Karla Wiseman

Mike Gutowski

Peter Gunn

Adama Gresham


Wishing Us Well

Liking What We Do

Enjoying Our Work

Karla Wiseman

Martha Smith

Jamila Azad

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