Shakespeare's gifts to us are many, fact.​ Whilst this will always stay true,

equally another fact is the world today is very different from the world

of his time. Add to this, there is much more to Shakespeare than is

immediately obvious from the legacy of his plays and poems,

The process behind each of our projects starts with understanding of a

chosen Shakespeare work. We then 'mine' it for anything that

would make a different sense ​in an alternative context. 

We workshop selected characters, words, and themes to discover

alternative possibilities. Staying faithful to the creative genius

of Shakespeare is critical at this stage.

The workshop material provides us with ideas of how it

can be recreated in another guise, using additional

words written by Frank Bramwell.


theatre with a beat!

All our work comes under the inamoment theatre company banner.


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Alternative Shakespeare Projects


(details will appear here soon)

Romeo & Juliet for All Time

Macbeth Killing Time

Tempestfugit: Prospero's Dream

Time Out of Joint

Ophelia, Princess of Denmark

King Lear (alone)

An Audience with Falstaff

Cordelia / Fool


(details will appear here soon)

I, Lady Macbeth

I, Juliet Capulet

The Suffocating of Queen Gertrude

Shakespeare's Dream

This is our first play, and to this day it very much underpins all our work.

What's it all about?

A night in the Life of William Shakespeare, a night a night when characters from his actual life and from his plays came together, a multi-scene kaleidoscope of fast-moving, thematic driven characters.

Why the Play? 

We wanted to explore how the mind of Shakespeare worked, so we identified themes that seemed to crop up consistently throughout Shakespeare's works. We also wanted to see how well the identified individual characters and quotations would gel together.


How the Play came about

It was our very first play, and very much a baptism of fire. 2 years in the writing, followed by a year of workshops, rehearsals, and re-writings, before it was performed by a cast of 14 professional and community actors in Birmingham. All in all, over 50 creatives have been involved in the work.

What did we achieve

In direct outputs, a professionally staged play (Time After Time) and, some years down the line, a book based on the play. In the course of the process we discovered the rich treasures of working in collaboration, and in mounting the production we learnt the value of taking risks and trusting that it all comes good in the end!

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